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Having an accounting team in-house can be costly for your business, but it doesn’t have to be that way! GLG Accounting allows you to outsource your accounting processes to our expert CPAs so that you can help maximize your bottom line. We offer bookkeeping, external CFO services, and much more.



Small Business Accounting Services

Many firms overlook the power of small businesses, but we know that every successful company starts small.

Owning a small business can be one of the best things for one to experience, or it could end up becoming a headache that just won’t go away. We know how stressful accounting can be and that’s why we’ve dedicated a lot of our time, resources, and team to providing for the needs of small businesses. Not only do we do the hard work, but we also help you take advantage of the deductions that you’re eligible for.

We’ve developed a streamlined system to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the accounting industry. We also make sure we keep backups of your files for 5 years, so that we can be there to back you up if there comes a time where you need us to do so.

Some of the small business accounting services we offer are:

Small Business Accounting
Small Business Accounting

Accounting Consultation

    • Everyone could use a helping hand every once in a while, and if it has to do with accounting we’ll be there! We’re here to help our clients make the most from their business and our dedicated small business accountants are always ready to provide assistance where it’s needed.

Bank Reconciliation

    • When you want to stay on point, professional bank reconciliation will help you do exactly that. We’ll make sure that your internal records are accurate while ensuring that the bank didn’t slip up and make a mistake.

Electronic Filing/Payments

    • We provide electronic filing services to help improve efficiency for our clients. It also helps us make payments and submit reports to the appropriate agencies on time.

General Ledger Maintenance

    • Keeping your ledger in good shape is essential to knowing where your business’ current standing is. Our accountants help many companies maintain their ledgers to ensure that the pulse of the company is seen at all times.

Payroll Accounting

    • Paying your employees can have you drowning in numbers before you know it and the time sifting through them could be spent on much more productive tasks. We provide small business payroll accounting so that your time is valued, and your employees are always taken care of.

Sales Tax Reports

    • If you run a business that requires customers to pay sales tax, having sales tax reports to show you how much tax is owed will ensure that you maintain full compliance with this requirement.

Contact us today to learn more about our small business accounting services.

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