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Paying tax at the end of year vs quarterly

Paying tax at the end of the year vs quarterly in Joliet

When it comes to tax payment, each owner has his or her own strategy, in order for them to keep being organized, keep track of every document that may have entered or left the office, along with the profit that is being made. Thus, we have discussed with some business owners in Joliet and it seems like the small companies here prefer paying quarterly rather than each year. Why might that be, would you ask?

  1. It is easier and better for the profit: By talking and discussing it over and over with some financial consultants and accountants, we have been told that the preference for the quarterly payment rather than the yearly one, has been decided in order for the company to have a smaller loss, every 3 months, comparing to a great loss in the profit that would have been made in only one month’s profit, making the company’s funding go down that month, every year. In this way, the owners in Jolietkeep their heads over the water every time they have to give back the taxes and not drown their company into tax payments once a year.


  1. Leaving more room for organizing the office: Having documentation justified every 3 months, you do not have the time to stack all the papers up in a corner and you just have to be organized from the beginning. Thus, keeping specific drawers for tax papers, others for invoices, other for bank documents, and some for the outgoing papers will give you the chance of keeping a tight track of everything going on in your company, thus not losing a thing before the taxes are going to be paid. In this manner, an audit will come in the later future, rather than in the close one, saving you some nervous break-downs, or you might even get skipped from audits if you are doing your paperwork in the right way!


  1. Not forgetting the deadline: Let’s face it, paying tax every 3 months would be so much easier to remember than paying every year, right? Also, there are some due dates each quarter for other tax payments (for example paying tax for income that your company has been received), that you will have to keep in mind and remember to pay, so making these payments alltogether will get easier, no matter how you think about it. Each income that has entered your company between periods of the first three months of a year will have to be paid until the 15th of April, 15th of June for the second period of three months, 15th of September for the third period and 15th of January for the last quarter.

All this being said, the conclusion has been done: small business owners in Joliet prefer paying taxes every 3 months and it has been a thrive for them when it comes to profit making and staying inside the legal limits. The financial sector is not that difficult to understand if you just keep an accountant close, that would help you at least weekly with all the company’s funding issues, helping you even get a great profit from a small company that has been opened only for some months.


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