Is Your Family Safe From Fraud

Lake Villa’s Take On Family Protection From Fraud

Have you protected your family from fraud? Just like the way burglars and thieves operate in Lake Villa, cyber criminals have a myriad ways to get hold of your personal information. Unless you know some of their techniques then be sure that your family is not safe from fraud. Whether you are a resident of Lake Villa or any part of this world you are bound to be a victim of fraud from these cyber thieves .So, it is very important that you consider taking measurable ways that will not put you at risk of losing your vital information to unknown Internet thieves.
Probably none of you would offer the burglar your key to your house .You will not want to experience a terrible situation where all your electronic equipment and devices are stolen. Can you imagine how you feel you get inside your house and discover that everything is gone including your favorite pet. I know how it feels; I have once been through that experience.
Yes! Make sure to protect yourself from fraud and any online identity theft. You can only be sure that you are completely secure when you master the common tricks that these criminals apply to help you evade the online fraud and identity theft. Here are some common tricks that as a Lake Villa resident can learn.
Avoid giving a reply to any suspicious email, instant message or any webpage that requests you to disclose your financial information or personal information. It is essential to be wary of such sites, emails or messages. Most of such tricks require you to deliver the following information:

  • Passwords
  • Usernames
  • Social Security  Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • Complete credit card numbers
  • Personal Identification Numbers
  • Your birthday

Avoid filling informs or sign in screens that are linked or may be related to the above messages. In case someone suspiciously requests you to complete a form with the above information it is good that you avoid filling it. You perhaps may not have hit the submit button but you might be sending your personal information to identity thieves when you fill the form.

If you see a message from someone you know but it does not seem like he or she, their account may have been hacked by a cybercriminal who is trying to get information or money from you. So you need to be very careful. Some of these criminals love sending messages that they are stranded in a certain country or may ask you to send money for them.
Some Precaution Measures

  • Never enter your username or password in case you have arrived at a site by following a link in an email or chat which you do not trust. Whether it is a site which you trust, it is better to access the site using a bookmark or typing its address in your browser.
  • Never send your password through emails or share them with others. Your passwords are the key to your accounts and all the services online, and they represent your keys to your house door at home.
  • Report suspicious emails and scams .This is mostly provided by email providers like Gmail.

I hope you are now wise and you will strive to protect your family from fraud. Follow the above measures and share it out with your Lake Villa friends to help them stay away from fraud.


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