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Having an accounting team in-house can be costly for your business, but it doesn’t have to be that way! GLG Accounting allows you to outsource your accounting processes to our expert CPAs so that you can help maximize your bottom line. We offer bookkeeping, external CFO services, and much more.



Jewelry Store Accounting For You

Why hire an account for your jewelry store?
Jewelry Store Accounting

Every jewelry store from a single person operation to small shops and without a doubt large stores should have an accountant to assist them with their finances. An accountant can help ensure that your business is efficient. GLG Accounting knows what is right and what needs to be done to keep your business running smoothly. We pride ourselves in finding the correct solutions to keep your business growing positively. Once you hire GLG Accounting to handle your finances, we will focus on the bookkeeping, payroll and accounting for your business. The extra time you will have will allow you to concentrate on the pride of your company, your jewelry. Think of what you could do with a few extra hours a week? You could turn more raw gemstones into unique pieces of jewelry, which would create more profit for your growing business!

Why hire GLG Accounting? We are a corporation that believes in our clients, as well as saving them money. We work hard to provide you with payroll, accounting and bookkeeping services that are dependable. Our flat rate services are reliable, honest and will maximize your bottom line.

What does a jewelry store accountant do?

As your accountant GLG Accounting will provide you with peace of mind as we handle your finances. Whether you are just beginning your company, or already in business GLG Accounting is available to help you with your business plan. We will track your businesses sales, as well as expenses. Tracking these items will help to ensure your income is greater than your expenses. As part of your business plan, we will evaluate your profit margin. If you desire an increase in profits, we can help you determine how to achieve your desired profit by:

  • Increasing product prices: As we explore your companies profits and expenses, we may discover that the prices of products need to increase which will enhance your profit margin.
  • Finding a lower cost manufacturer: Does your company purchase jewelry from a manufacturer? There is a probability that you could be receiving a discounted cost for being a valued customer. Alternatively, another company may be able to provide a better rate.
  • Negotiating a lower material cost: If your company purchases materials, there may be options to purchase in bulk or a lower price quality material to use in place of current materials.
  • Outsourcing employment: Outsourcing positions can save your company money because you can hire at a lower cost and on an as needed basis.
  • Increasing marketing: Marketing your products in new ways can promote your business. Finding new forms of marketing; such as social media, can be free for your business to utilize
  • Managing inventory: Keeping an accurate inventory will prevent you from ordering a mass amount of items.
  • Evaluating current expenses: The current expenses of your company may be an overestimate.

As your business grows, so will your business plan. We can aid you with budgeting accordingly for the future of your business. Business plans can be set for a short term, long term or both. These plans will keep your business running on track to achieve your goals. GLG Accounting is a company you can depend on to help you throughout the duration of your business and in a variety of situations. In addition to providing bookkeeping and accounting for your business, we can also provide payroll services. As part of our bookkeeping and accounting services, we will ensure all that payments are on time. GLG Accounting will guarantee that payments made are necessary to the efficient operation of your jewelry business.

What are the benefits of hiring GLG Accounting?

At GLG Accounting we believe in the success of your business, no business is too small or large. We will work with you to help you plan for your business goals. From starting up your business to the day to day operations, we will be there to assist you. Hiring GLG Accounting will save you the time of personally handling the business finances. It also will help you save on taxes because we can itemize your tax deductions.

GLG Accounting has extensive experience working with businesses like yours. We are determined, skilled and qualified to handle your finances. Hiring an accountant should not cost you your business or put your business in debt. Instead, you should hire a company that isn’t going to charge you an arm and a leg, but rather a competitive flat rate.

Contact GLG Accounting for all your Jewelry store accounting needs.

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