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Disadvantages of Quickbooks

Disadvantages of QuickBooks seen through Glencoe’s eyes

The apparition of QuickBooks was the best thing thought about in the last years. Multiplying the companies, either they are small or big, was making accountants go crazy each end of the month when the books were supposed to be made. Even non-profit organizations were supposed to take advantage of this new innovation. When it comes to the program itself, it is great since all the financial records can be kept there, starting with tax forms, invoices, different payments made to the suppliers and even sales receipts. Inventory records were also the ones kept inside of this type of program. But putting aside all the help it can give you when it comes to paperwork, even if you are not very specialized in this particular field, it can also bring you a lot of trouble after you start its usage, as most of the business owners in Glencoe did.

  1. First of all, the people in Glencoe that actually own a company or a small business found this particular program exciting and helpful, but when the subject of the audit trail first came up, they found out that more help were themselves, that the program itself since it was a lackluster, from their point of view. The simplicity of the program is actually the first problem, since a lot of data can be introduced, without specific documentation, making this a problem for the owners. The security of the company when it comes to Audit Trails is in danger if you are not being reminded that you noted down something that is not covered by some sort of paperwork, bringing a lot of trouble to many businesses in Glencoe.
  1. To continue, another discussed problem amongst accountants in Glencoe is the fact that QuickBook programs do not include a separate section in order for the fixed assets to be enlisted. A solution has been found later after the program has appeared, but still brings great difficulty to those who started from the beginning with QuickBook and now have to change or introduce new data from the top.
  1. Even if you buy the program at first, with a lot of the company’s money to be spent, the software is to be kept up-to-date only through more purchases. When it comes to the small businesses in Glencoe, people are not very satisfied to constantly through money out of the window for the accounting field, since maybe not a lot of profit is to remain, when an organized accountant can do this without a specialized program and with less spent money.
  1. The simplicity of using the program, makes also the owners of companies to be afraid of lack of security. You are being given the opportunity to have an up to date system, even on-line, but the outage problems occurred in 2009 and 2010, almost constantly, convinced many to give up when it comes to using QuickBooks. The idea of a secure web browser that will keep everything safe for your accounting department is great, but not being able to use it when you are in need, made lots of people angry.

In conclusion, even if owners in Glencoe started at first to be great enthusiasts about the evolution of software in the accounting field, they were shortly disappointed when it came to actually using the software. The bugs, the payments and the outages made many people to be outraged and made them come back to basics.


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