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Having an accounting team in-house can be costly for your business, but it doesn’t have to be that way! GLG Accounting allows you to outsource your accounting processes to our expert CPAs so that you can help maximize your bottom line. We offer bookkeeping, external CFO services, and much more.



Affiliate Marketing Accounting & Taxes

Affiliate Marketing Accounting & Taxes
Affiliate Marketing Accounting & Taxes

Being an affiliate marketer is a fulfilling and enjoyable career where you are in control. However, as an affiliate marketer you may not have much experience in bookkeeping, payroll, or any other accounting tasks. You may need a GLG accountant to help you take control of the financial side of your business.

Utilizing Technology:

The shift in technology has allowed a new wave of opportunities to arise and one of them is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a way for merchants to reach out to prospective clients through websites. The website owner will promote a product or service on their website, and an interested party will simply click on the link to explore an item that interests them. The owner of the website will receive an award or compensation for generating the lead.

Of course, you will need some bookkeeping experience to track the compensation or award for the leads because there may be a lot of websites that use your services and have earned some compensation for the leads. You don’t want to forget to pay a lead or lose track of the revenue you have earned. GLG accountants will keep you on track.

Affiliate Marketing and You:

  • The control of marketing is in your hands. Not only do you decide which websites can promote for you, but you also decide how they receive their compensation. You have the capability to screen which website can post your link. This helps with branding; you can make sure you are not associated with any topics you don’t want your business affiliated with. Compensation is also your decision. Will your affiliate receive compensation for every time an interested person clicks on the link? Or will they only receive compensation after the person makes a purchase? An accountant can help you make these risky decisions.
  • You choose how the affiliate will promote. You can choose that they simply use a link, or that they use a large banner. The commission should reflect which option they have selected to use. GLG accounting will help you with these decisions as well.
  • As you gain exposure, a group may become interested about your service and/or product. An interested group can boost sales as they express their interest. As interest increases, so does your affiliate link. Your accountant will help you determine how this affects your bookkeeping and payroll.
  • No inventory given is to affiliates! You as the business owner handle all transactions to your customers. You remain in total control of your business while someone else helps to promote your business. All customer service, shipping, and billing are handled through you. However, you may not be the best at creating invoices and keeping your books up to date to reflect the invoices. Your accountant will help you.

Should You Hire an Accountant?     

As mentioned above, you remain in total control of your company with affiliate marketing, but are you experienced in handling bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll? It is important to guarantee that they are handled with expertise. At GLG Accounting, we believe that no business is too small and that all businesses should receive an equal accounting.

You have made the step to hire an accountant to handle your marketing for you. If you allow GLG Accounting to handle your accounting needs you will have more time to provide the goods and services to your customers. We can assist with a business plan, filing payroll if needed, handling your bookkeeping and general accounting for your business. GLG Accounting can track your expenses and revenues as well as create a budget for your growing business. Hiring a professional accountant will help you to keep track of your costs as well as your revenues. GLG Accounting can assist you with increasing your revenues and decreasing your revenues that will increase your profits. An increase in profits will create a long term successful business.

Take control of your accounting needs. Contact GLG accounting today!

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