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@accounting is a CPA firm

That also provides financial advisory services to select clientele.We have a wide array of accounting services for businesses of all sizes as well as individuals.


@accounting is known by many for our innovative approaches and highly successful track record. Over the years, we’ve been able to have the opportunity to represent many great people and businesses across the nation which has exposed us to providing a wide array of services in some of the most simple and most complex accounting situations.


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Our Company

Our company has several years of experience providing the best accounting services to clients from all over the US. We started out as a small firm, but we quickly grew to having a large team of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and service some of the most prestigious businesses and individuals around (we may be a little biased, but we tend to become fans of our clients). Thanks to their loyalty and our unique team, we’ve been placed at the forefront of the accounting industry.

Our Processes

Positioning ourselves as a leading accounting firm wasn’t easy, but this isn’t the result of a “one-time” feat. Our team is constantly working on improving and adding to our current processes to ensure that we still offer more than what other accounting firms can offer. By enabling this kind of creativity, we’ve created one of the most diverse (and most productive) working environments in the industry. Any time a change to our internal processes, our team members ask:

1. Does it save time and improve efficiency?

In order to have a true impact, any change or improvement shall have a positive effect on saving time while improving the efficiency of our employees. As long as any proposed addition does this, it shall produce nothing but an advantage to each and every client that we serve.

2. Does it improve compliance?

Our clients hire us to make sure that they’re being protected, and this means that we have to come up with new ways of ensuring their compliance at all times. This can range from basic monitoring to analysis procedures. As long as our clients are safe (and happy), we’re happy.

3. Does it help our clients save money?

Everyone loves saving money and we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping each client do exactly that without sacrificing the level of service that they’re receiving. Anytime it saves our clients money, we do everything that we can to embrace the opportunity.

Our Team

It has always been said that we’re a product of our own environment, and this is one of the many reasons that we take extreme care when adding anyone to our team. Not everyone that applies to @accounting gets accepted, simply because we’re building one of the most prestigious accounting firms around. Each and every team member here at @accounting is handpicked to ensure that we’re providing our clients with a unique and beneficial experience. Many firms try to hire as many people as they can, but we tend to favor quality over quantity. Based on the feedback received from our clients, they prefer the same. Our team has decades of experience backing them as well as exposure to some of the most complex accounting tasks that any accountant has had to face in their career. There’s simply not one accounting task that we can’t handle.

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